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"saidX" Policy & Rules

"saidX" is a National program dedicated to the Student Community and Mentor Community at India. "saidX" follows some ground rules. Here, you’ll find the complete set of rules for being a part of "saidX" event or at organizing a "saidX" event. The rules are non-negotiable and mandatory for all "saidX" events and organizers as it’s dependent on both our job and yours to maintain the integrity of the "saidX" vision.

"saidX" Spirit: 

Any "saidX" event must maintain the spirit of "saidX": Such as disciplinary, focused on individual skills, have a clear idea/concept to showcase to the world. "saidX" events are not single-topic driven and the topics can be any 21st century related.

"saidX" interpretation of a School:

"saidX" is primarily divided into two threads Government and Private Schools. We want "saidX" to reach both Government and Private Schools. For "saidX" a School means all such as a High School, College, University and whatever where Students are enrolled for educational purposes. We would encourage any student at India within the age group of 10+ to below 30 years.

"saidX" Streams: 

All Student and Mentor "saidX" streams/videos are recorded with HD camera's. Quality of the videos is never ever compromised. Recording of these streams can happen at Schools (on-premise) or at "saidX" Studios at "saidX" Head Office location. Address shared at the footer of the web page.
Format: Modeled after the "saidX" format, "saidX" events are a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations, and performances on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder and to provoke conversations that matter. The typical presentation should be an up to 9-minute talk by a single presenter, and you may not pay your speakers to present.

"saidX" Licensing and Events:

We are working on a Licensing model to reach to all Students & educational organizations at India. The model is still under review would update soon with complete details.
So far we have these points in consideration...
Length: Your event may not exceed one day in length.
Location: "saidX" allocates one location-based license per applicant; you must live in the city for which you are applying for a license. Your "saidX" event must happen in the city for which you received the license. A "saidX" license is valid for one city, and for one event. Mostly the location should be a school or any educational organization auditorium where the cost is zero for conducting the event. There should be no co-events at "saidX" events basically all "saidX" events are stand-alone events. "saidX" licenses are non-transferable.
Introduction video: A short, official video introduction must be played at the beginning of your event. Playing this video is not optional; the purpose of the video is to make sure that your audience understands what "saidX" is.

Website Domain: Do not purchase a domain name until your license has been approved. The URL of your website's homepage should be the name of your "saidX" event, e.g. "saidX" The .com top-level domain should be your first choice, followed by the top-level domain of your country (e.g., .pl for Poland). .org and .net should be your next choices.

Domain ownership: When you purchase your "saidX"(EventName) domain name, you are entitled to keep the domain name as long as you are the "saidX" licensee whose event's name corresponds exactly to the domain name in question. (E.g., as long as you are the licensee in charge of "saidX"(EventName), you may keep the domain name "www."saidX"").

No Co-branding: 

We do not allow co-branding of any other School, Company or organization with the "saidX" logo/identity/name to the name of another organization, non-profit, corporation or other, or presenting your "saidX" event as being organized by such entities. You should refer to your event as "saidX"(EventName), and not just "saidX". Your event name should be written as "saidX"(EventName), with “"saidX"” capitalized, “X” lowercase, and attached as one word to your location-based name.

"saidX" Name abbreviation / variation: 

"saidX" Stands for Speak, Act, Inspire, Develop and X for the act/skill. Name abbreviations and variations are not allowed. You must always refer to your event with the name you were approved for. E.g., if you are licensed for ""saidX" Hyderabad," you may not refer to your event as ""saidX" Hyd" or any other variation. You must refer to it as ""saidX"Hyderabad" in all copy, messaging, logos, etc.

Content and Completeness: If talks/acts break the Content Guidelines, we reserve the right to insist on their removal from "saidX" branded distribution streams, and license renewal is unlikely. There should be no commercial agenda. Speakers should not promote their own products, books, or businesses or those of a company which employs them. The only exception is where they have specifically been invited by "saidX" to give a powerful product demo, or to describe the ideas in their book, and here the focus should still be on the technology and/or the ideas. No talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor for polarizing “us vs them” language. 

Payment & Funding: Wherever possible, please have sponsors pay vendors directly.

Social media: You can endorse your sponsors via your event's social media properties. You are allowed to promote your sponsors on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media properties.

Sponsor logos on your videos: Sponsor logos may only be shown on one slide at the beginning and end of each video. This slide must be 3 seconds long at maximum and adhere to our official sponsorship slide template. There may only be a single slide in your video to feature all of your sponsor logos. Sponsor logos may not appear anywhere else in the video. If you have multiple sponsors you must feature all of your sponsor logos on the one slide. 

Domain squatting: You may only own the domain name that corresponds to your own event; you may not register domain names corresponding to other "saidX" events -- including prospective events that have not yet been licensed. In other words, you may not "squat" in domain names for potential "saidX" events if you are not already the licensee, even if you intend to transfer ownership, or intend to apply for a license for the event at a later point.
Website content: Your site needs to include information about your live speakers, a description of your venue, the date and location of your event, and information about "saidX" and "saidX".

Unacceptable content: You may not display any content associated with:

Weapons manufacturers
Ammunition companies
Cigarette companies
Online gambling organizations
Adult-related businesses
Other conferences or seminars

"saidX" YouTube: "saidX" Streams should be uploaded to YouTube through the "saidX" Media Uploader and distributed via "saidX" from the "saidX" YouTube channel. Talks cannot be uploaded to any other platforms. Adhere to YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines with every video uploaded to the "saidX" YouTube channel. Before you upload any video, you must confirm that all the images, music and video clips used in your speakers' presentations are cleared for distribution on YouTube. Securing rights to any copyrigh"saidX" materials is entirely the responsibility of the "saidX" organizer.

Distribution: Talks, Streams and other content recorded at "saidX"event may not be distributed or played on broadcast television, cable television, satellite television or on-demand TV.

Delete Profiles: Any of the Students not interested to continue with "saidX" can request us by sending an email to delete his/her profile and it will be removed permanently from our website and database.

    • "saidX" main agenda is to showcase the Student talent to the world. No other deviations entertained.
    • "saidX" ecourages Mentors to empower and motivate students with their message oriented speeches.
    • Any Student within age group 10-30 years can be on the "saidX" platform.
    • The student from across the country can be on "saidX" if he has some talent/skill/idea/concept/POC to show to the world.
    • Any Student with a valid ID card can write to us from anywhere in the country.
    • Finally "saidX" aims at "Empowering Local Student for Global Outlook"