If, you are a Student and have a concept/skill/idea to show to the world, then why waiting contact us and we will soon have you on "saidX" and would make you a "saidXter"...

Being a "saidXter" will earn you a "saidX" branded
T-Shirt, Certificate, and Mug.

Every "saidXter" will have his/her own dedicated profile page created and hosted on "saidX.in" showing all his/her streams.

"saidXters"can share their profile to multiple Social web platforms and also get them rated to enable Badges. By default a "saidXter" gets one badge enbaled by just being on the "saidX" platform. The more the rating the more the badges get enabled.

Based on the badges, "saidXters" will get surprise gifts from "saidX" at "saidX" organised events. Remember you will be a special invitee to these events.

So no worries just call us or write to us, we will be there to host and showcase your talent to the world.